Higher revenue & Happier users

Can Co-Exist

Our Mission

Automatically engage users through interactive content.


The historical trade-off between monetization and user experience is finally disrupted. Make your audience happy, differentiate your content, and monetize like never before.  A whole new ad space. Whole new revenues.

Our Content

Our team of experts create in-house, category specific, original, interactive content that’s produced to engage users through our different products.



Native, interactive in-image units that boost user engagement and create instant new revenue sources.
Our patent pending technology dynamically matches the unit’s content to the image content, size, and shape.
Using Carambola’s original premium content.
Media buy via Publisher / Carambola.


Content and advertising beautifully combined

New revenue source.
Clean, native experience.
Supporting multiple image shapes and sizes.
Standard IAB ads: Display and rich media.


One line of JS code.


Meet your new edge

Our technology is placed on top of videos and provides a unique overlay filled with content, relevant to the video being watched. Carambola's platform will enable users to explore scenes and interact with your content. That innovative ability has an immediate positive effect on important strategic factors.


Carambola creates new, super effective, Ad real estate with no cannibalization on traditional advertising. These new ad units are priced as premium spots and are delivered as a full service by Carambola. It enables publishers to maximize premium content revenue potential by leveraging the power of great content.


By using Carambola’s platform publishers are able to offer users a unique and unforgettable experience. We believe that premium content shouldn't be a commodity – it is art and should be treated as such.

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