About Us

The world of advertising is constantly evolving to find new ways to grab the attention of the user’s. In the current digital advertising landscape, user’s skip over and ignore advertising that is disruptive and in-your-face. Nowadays, fitting it in is better than standing out. Context is everything. That is why contextual advertising is becoming advertiser’s preferred way to promote their brand. 

In 2011, Carambola started pioneering contextual advertising, since then, it has grown its network of publishers and advertisers, to become an exceptional monetization resource for publishing websites and an indispensable tool for advertisers looking to leverage their ad campaigns. 

Carambola forged a strategic partnership with Firearc in 2022, a dominant force in digital advertising with an intricate ecosystem of solutions and infrastructures. Through this merger Carambola has gained access to significant resources and expertise to further power its AI-driven contextual intelligence. 

Carambola specializes in delivering engaging, sought-after content to the right audience at the perfect moment. Its ad units are designed to blend in seamlessly to the content of your page and encourage engagement, rather than getting glanced over, or, worse, ignored completely. These solutions enhance publisher content while boosting engagement and click-through rates.